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Issues with IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP4 release
In rolling out FP 4 for IBM Notes 9.0.1 at a customer I discovered several had issues.

The issues were that the Notes Client would completely freeze, or only redraw itself partly, or wrongly when working in the client.

Downgrading to FP 3 eliminated all the issues.

Beware of the new version of FP 4 for Domino with the missing file included has been released ( with same name)

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 17-07-2015 14:39:00 Full Post

New IBM Domino Backup Solution at OpenNTF: DomBackup
At a customer of mine we have a Domino backup solution built upon the OpenNTF kNBackup open source solution.

It has been working great for years, but we will be upgrading the servers to 64 bit Domino soon, so we had a bit of an issue since kNBackup only runs as 32 bit.
So I got my customer to sponsor development of a 64 bit solution from the 32 bit version.
We ended up with Ulrich Krause doing the job ...and he did a great job! :- )
We found a few bugs on the way and Ulrich quickly ironed them out.

It runs great and fast on both 64 bit Linux and Windows now.

My customer fully supports Open Source solutions so go and grab the new 64 version (and 32 bit) at the new project Ulrich Krause has created at OpenNTF


Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 06-07-2015 12:36:27 Full Post

VPN security..really scary data
http://www.theinquirer.net/ now concludes 14 out of 11 are spilling sensitive information ..

That is of the charts scary data ;-)

what is next 100 out of 20 ....?

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 01-07-2015 18:05:35 Full Post

The very important missing piece in the IBM Domino NSF database
There is a lot of good stuff implemented in the IBM Domino database and it is very stabile.

There is though a very very important piece missing.

There are so many ways to create and save documents in IBM Domino today, from a form, an agent, via DIIOP, via REST, from an XPage ... you name it!
If you don't have the gatekeeper watching at the document level it is impossible to audit and control what is going on.

IBM ..Please add events/hooks for when a document is saved, opened etc.

The NSF has some LS hooks/events (Database Script) for deletion of documents (and some other bizarre ones), so I would presume it would possible to add hooks/events for the rest too without to much effort.

This has a very high priority!

OrientDB is in some ways (and in others not) a more modern version of the Domino NSF.

It has 2 types of hooks (Dynamic and Java hooks) http://orientdb.com/docs/last/Hook.html

"onBeforeCreate, called before creating a new document
onAfterCreate, called after creating a new document
onBeforeRead, called before reading a document
onAfterRead, called after reading a document
onBeforeUpdate, called before updating a document
onAfterUpdate, called after updating a document
onBeforeDelete, called before deleting a document
onAfterDelete, called after deleting a document "

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 02-06-2015 22:56:00 Full Post

How to print a PDF file from Java
A customer of mine have a solution which creates Invoices in a PDF format.

They want a solution where for example twenty PDF Invoices are created, but they only want to print them not work with the PDF files themselves.

So a solution could be to create the PDF files and then send them to a printer in Java.

However since the PDF format is complicated stuff, so you really want use something that works no matter how complex the PDF file is.

That really rules out a lot of possibilities. There are java PDF librairies out there like Apache PDFBOX

but my advice is to use the PDF viewer "Sumatra PDF" as the solution. Forget about Adobe Reader if you are only viewing files, it is very bloated, go for the Sumatra PDF viewer.

I have used it for many years and it is really excellent.

If your users don't have Sumatra PDF installed, just use the Portable version instead.

To print is really easy via command line options :

This will print to the default printer.

String[] params = new String [3];
params[0] = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SumatraPDF\\SumatraPDF.exe";
params[1] = "-print-to-default";
params[2] = "c:\\test\\test.pdf";

If you want a named printer use

params[1] = "-print-to <printer-name>"

A printer dialog

String[] params = new String [4];
params[0] = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SumatraPDF\\SumatraPDF.exe";
params[1] ="-print-dialog";
params[3] = "c:\\test\\test.pdf";

See other command line options here https://github.com/sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf/wiki/Command-line-arguments

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 28-04-2015 13:10:00 Full Post

IBM Notes FP3 issue with error "LS2J Error With "Java Constructor Failed To Execute" and Eclipse Update Site can no longer import
Got this strange error today trying to import newest XPages Extension Library to Update Site: "LS2J Error With "Java Constructor Failed To Execute"

It seems related to FP3 only.


Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 12-03-2015 15:00:06 Full Post