Automatic "one time" deletion of Cache.ndk at start

I have had users with different (weird) issues since V11 and all that would fix it was a deletion of the cache file Cache.ndk.

Cache.ndk is great for performance and you do want to keep it around, however sometimes you just need to delete it to fix issues and let it rebuild again at a Notes restart

Normally that is not easy for a user to do, since you have to shutdown Notes Client, open Explorer, find it and delete it.

However there is an easier way out... a Notes.ini setting NotesClientDeleteCache=1

Put this in the users notes.ini file (policy) and next time Notes starts it will delete cache.ndk before it starts and
set NotesClientDeleteCache=0 in so it does not delete Cache.ndk again next time Notes is started

So you can have a button for users to click with the simple code of

Dim session As New NotesSession
Call session.SetEnvironmentVar( "NotesClientDeleteCache", "1",True )

There are thousands of forgotten, hidden and undocumented notes.ini settings.

You will have to cross the entire internet to find this one....but it is all worth it :-)
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That dreaded Workspace that never got fixed

The Workspace in Notes has always been the center of (Lotus/IBM/HCL) Notes.

Always been the good and the evil.

Many attempts have been tried to fix it, remove it completely or ignore it.

Still ...not much have changed

What is really needed to make the Workspace work is not another cosmetic overhaul, but to fix what is not working.

Much organizations that use Notes have MANY database which quickly makes the Workspace a complete mess.

You can not find database easily

What is needed is the ability to sort by server (server, by categories on DB properties, most used, ...),.. maybe to group databases together within a tab

Really just to be able organize the database in a smart way.

And of course you need to program the Workspace, the Tabs, where databases goes etc.

But in V12 to make things round and different colors does not change anything

Remember the saying ..."If you put lipstick on a is still a pig" ... ;-)

Some examples of the many Workspace attempts

(The first one I like best)

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Watch out when upgrading Domino V11.0.1 to FP1

Normally my Domino upgrades runs smoothly on Linux (Centos) but the last upgrade to FP1 was strange.

I shutdown the Domino server, did the upgrade and everything seem to go well

However after starting the Domino server again, it would show up as still running version V11.0.1.
The same happened to another Domino on Linux server I upgraded.

I reported the issue to HCL,and got an answer back. Apparently some strings resource files was not updated during the upgrade.

The fix was:
- Shut down Domino
- Uninstall FP1
- Restart OS without Domino service starting after restart
- Do the FP1 upgrade again
- Enable service again and start Domino

This is actually how I have always done it on Windows, but it was not needed on Linux before.

In the future this is how I will do it on all platforms :-)
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An important change in HCL Notes V11

Recently at a customer I had made some changes to a solution. I was running HCL Notes V11 and everything ran fine on my PC.

Soon an office complained about some code had stopped working.

I had upgraded a script library to a newer version of Apache POI for working with Excel files in some agents.
First I thought it was some compiling that hat gone wrong, but it turned out to be the script library had some files missing, soon fixed and all was well.

However what I discovered was I had been running V11 and the customer V10 and the reason for me not getting the errors was that Apache POI version 4.11 is now included in the V11 release.

As you can see here:

Which is super great !

It is because Notes attachment viewers now converts files and show them in the browsers from V11 and on, and Apache POI is used in the process.

So what I would like to know from HCL ... is this a permanent change?
Can we count on this being a part of the Notes client in the future?
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A "Better LS-Java API for handling of (multi)values of a NotesItem" is needed, so here is my suggestion

The (LS/Java) API for handling Item values is very rudimentary at best, which for LS  especially painful since it does not have Collections

A more full API is needed (and would be loved).

The NotesItem class should have a API which handles values better.


- getValueAt(index)

- getNumberOfValues()
(number of values in Item)
- removeValueAt(index)
(number of value is decremented by one)
- insertValueAt (index)
(number of values is incremented by one)
- replaceValueAt(Index)
(same number of values in item)
- sort(Asc/Desc)

Please vote for it.

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A hint to installing Notes V10 and a very strange security issue in Notes V10.

Today I had to do some installations of NotesV10 because af Shanghai offiec had gotten new PCs.

1) Notes Installation and an important step

Doing a Notes install is normally a "no brainer" and V10 is too. Install V10 and then FP3.

You start Notes and are then guided through a few forms for name, server name, ID file etc.

After Notes is running you can then shut it down.

To get users setup and configuration from old PC , you copy and replace 3 files in the new data directory: "names.nsf, desktop8.ndk, bookmark.nsf" (and maybe some other files like user.dic..)

This works great in V9, however I have seen this break Notes in V10 and you need to reinstall Notes again (after running NICE).

The trick to make it work it seems is to do a Windows reboot before copying the 3 files, it will then work perfectly.

2) Really strange security issue in V10

Today I saw a really strange security issue in connection with the Notes installations.

After a restart of Notes I had a superuser log in.

After the log in I tried to open a database, acces a server but all the time I would a dialogbox saying wrong password for accessing server etc.

And it could not replicate, same error. Really strange 25 years I have never seen this error .

I logged out and had the superuser check if password was correct, it was not!

Using the correct password everything worked correctly again.

BUT how is it possible log in using a wrong password?? or rather accepting a wrong password and get into the eclipse client ...(but not able to access in databases)

There is a bug somewhere...
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