Classic Domino and HTML 5

Sometimes a simple web application based on classic Domino is in place.

However Domino has not been updated in this area for many years.

If you create a form and use it on the web it will create a very old HTML document type.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

In 2024 you probably want to use HTML 5 and some of the newer features in it.

Fortunately you can change it to HTML 5.


Add a field, "Computed for display" type, named $$HTMLFrontMatter and set it to "<!DOCTYPE html>"

Here is simple example using HTML 5 features.

Adding the "required" property to the field for HTML 5 client validation

In browser this will show if you try to submit an empty field

Also you can see the HTML 5 feature of showing SVG graphics.

Note ... on Database properties you need to turn off "Use JavaScript when generating pages" to make validation work

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The very useful little feature of a NotesItem

Sometimes there are these little things that you somehow do not notice ...until one day you do.

The thing I stumbled on, is that the NotesItem has a property called "SaveToDisk".

You can set whether a NotesItem should be saved to disk or not when a document is saved,
And that is really cool. Why ?
Because this a a great way to have temporary values and calculations on the document itself, when you are working with the document
and you do not have to worry about ever getting these values on the disk version of the document.
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Workspace all grey - no icons - workaround

If you are running Notes 12.0.2 or higher you will for sure at some point run into an error were the workspace tabs fills out the entire workspace and you can not access you workspace database icons no more.

There is nothing you can do in the UI to fix it.

The problem is due to a new setting in the notes.ini and and is easy fixable, if you know what to fix

You need to reset a new setting in 12.0.2 to default and it works again after a Notes restart.


Or just create a button with the LS code and send it to the user.

Sub Click(Source As Button)
        Dim session As New NotesSession
        Call session.SetEnvironmentVar( "Workspace_Navigator_Width", "170",True )
End Sub


Just saw another variant where workspace fills all area and no tabs. Fortunately same fix :-)
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HCL Verse contacts integration on Samsung phones not working - a quick workaround

There has been a very annoying bug in HCL Verse on Samsung for a long time.

The integration from HCL Verse contacts to other apps on the phone breaks.

This meant that in recent calls, SMS etc only a phone number would be shown, and not the name of the contact.

A reinstall of HCL Verse would normally fix this for a while and then it would break again.

HCL blames Samsung for the issue, and the issue does not seem to get fixed.

I have found a quick workaround to fix the issue when it arises.

Go to Application settings in HCL Verse and then to the "People" section.

Unclick "Export Verse Contacts", and enable it again.

This will get Contacts integration working again (...until it breaks again)

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HCL Domino, view indexer stuck with very high CPU usage

I have a customer who has a Domino server running with very high CPU usage, and it should not, since it is not a very busy server.

It is the indexer which gets stuck with very high CPU usage

I have a support case with HCL.

It seems that it is the dynamic view indexing added to the recent releases of Domino which is the reason behind this.

This feature polls the database for data for getting information on which views are frequently updated.

Disabling the feature brings back the CPU usage to normal again.

You can do this by setting NIF_VIEW_USAGE_ENABLED=0 in notes.ini, if you have enabled the feature
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HCL Notes 12.0.2 - New Signature feature seems broken

To test the new HCL Notes 12.0.2 "Signature" feature I created a simple form with a Rich Text Lite field for testing out the feature.

I have have removed all options,but the signature feature for the field.
This what the RT field looks like in edit mode before entering data

Clicking on the button shows a dialog box for entering a signature
This is what I entered in the signature dialog box

This is what it looks like after clicking on the OK button

(it looks the same in read mode)
Only a part of the image seem to be saved in the field.

(UPDATE: Apparently the issue is in 64 bit version only)
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