Domino V12 can not run on Windows Server 2019 with Active Directory installed and weird deletions of Domino EXE files

I had a really bizarre experience with installing (as additional Domino server) and running Domino V12.0.1 on a Windows Server 2019 running Active Directory.

First I would repeatedly get this error "Entry not in index":

the first times I tried to install and the installation would stop.

This is of course a useless error message.

It seemed to be some access issue in the server document that was not correct.

After fixing this it would install but seems to skip many steps present in V11. Do not know if that intended

After installation, running the server for the first time, I would to my surprise get pop-up error message:
"Launching the Domino server on a Active Directory Domain controller is not allowed!"

and then when clicked OK, the server would start but give errors and in the end remove some of the Domino .exe files.

...really bizarre!

I would then have to reinstall Domino again since the .exe files were deleted. Starting the server ....every time ....the same would happen.

First I thought it was some Windows Policies that prevented Domino from running, but it was not

I found a HCL support document about a similar error in the pop-up box

The fix
Since nothing seem to change to matter what I did, I thought I would try installing V11 instead.

I am glad to say the V11 version started without any of the same issues.

So this is the fix for now.

I have not dared to upgrade to V12 afterwards to see what happens...feeling very tired...
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Verse contacts farce continues...Contacts not working on Samsung phone, again and again and again..

On my Samsung phone I can AGAIN not see who calls me because the contacts in Verse are not shared with the other apps on the phone. The has happened again again and again over the last half year.

I can not see who calls me! ...I can just see the phone number. This is not the nineties! Same with Signal etc.

It is a farce. HCL blames Samsung for some security changes so the Verse contacts stops working. I thought it was finally fixed a month ago, but then with the new Samsung update it is back to not working again

HCL is very large company and one would think they would have some power to get access to beta versions of what Samsung releases BEFORE they are actually release the final version...and everything stops working

Apparently not..
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DAOS - right default minimum size ?

DAOS ... great feature to limit use of disk space by moving attachments out databases into file system and being shared by other databases.

In the server document you setup the minimum size the attachment must have to be moved out of a database and into the file system.

In Domino 8.5 this minimum size default suggested size was 4KB.
In every version this has moved up and in Notes/Domino version 12.0.1 the suggested minimum size is now 1MB.

What is really the "right size"?

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How to get a Live Text Widget up and running.

I recently wrote about how Live Text was very popular at a customer, because it would recognize certain text everywhere and provide a related document lookup.

It is very simple and no coding is involved, but you may need to use some Regex to define what text is to be recognized.

Hogne B. Pettersen in the comments asked if I could show how it could be done
So here is a way to get you up and running.

Desktop Policy.
Since you most likely use policies already (you really should!) you will already have one or more Desktop Policies for your users.
The Desktop Policy contains some important information about Widgets.
For a user to be able to create a Live Text Widget you could create a Policy like this.

1) 2 ) Define the catalog server and database. If the Widget database is not created already, create it from the template on the server. It can be any name, but has to match the the name in the Policy
If the policy works for the user a local replica will be created from the server database.
3) You need to enable Live Text and Widget Panel

4) These are very important or you will not get access to create the widgets.
5) You can enable these if you want to distribute the widgets. You most likely do not want to allow by email but by the widget catalog only.

You can do a "Drop All" on the server to push the new policy to all relevant users or do a restart of your Notes client to get the policy changes

You may be able to get the same from some notes.ini settings and avoid the policy, but I can't remember..

The Widget Catalog
The Widget Catalog helps push your widget to your users. You can yourself push a widget to the catalog and define who should receive it (if you have the rights to).
You do not need the catalog to create a local Live Text Widget
It is a very good idea to use the Widget Catalog, but you can also distribute your widget in an email if you want to.

The Live Text example
Lets make a simple example for use of Live Text.

Let the task be to recognize my first name "Jesper" in any text and use it to look up a document with my name in a database containing some names

If you have set up Widgets and Live text correctly you should have these icons in the toolbar
I have created the example database with the names.
It has a sorted view with the names.

and the form

Open the names view in the demo database.

In toolbar click on "Configure a Widget from Current Context" and this will show.
Choose "Open document by key in this view" and click next

Name the Widget and select "Wire as an action"

Go to "Advanced" tab

Enter the name of the field in the example Names database

Click next

1) As you can see I have created a ContentType called "JesperContentType"

2) You can define that when you click "New Recognizer" to define what to recognize in the text

Here you define your Regex definition for your recognized text.
In this example it just finds the text "Jesper" in the content.

In "New Type" I have defined the "JesperContentType" for the example
Click OK and Finish

Using the "Live Text"
If you open any document (like here an email) it will then show Jesper underlined (when in read mode only)

Clicking on the link will open the Jesper document in the test names database

You can assign more than one action to the recognized text, like doing a search, opening another document, etc.
In such a case the different options will show when clicking on the link. You can also define a default action and more.
Since the key is to create the Widget from context, you should try and create widget from your inbox, and see there suddenly more options

The Widget Panel
It is a good idea to keep an eye on the "My Widgets" panel to see what Widgets you have.
From the menu here you have different options. Use "Manage Widgets...." to a list of all the Widgets with Content and Recognizers

Turning of "Live Text"
You maybe do not want the "Live Text" to be "on" all the time.
By going to File\Preferences and by going to "Live Text" you can turn of different Content Type or changes the style of the "Live Text" link

This blog entry is only to get you going and as you can see it is easy to get Live Text up and running.
I do think the "Smart" Live Text Widget stuff can be confusing at best and could have been done much better.
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What users say is the most important and loved feature in HCL Notes..(it is not what you think)

At a customer the users have a special love for a feature in HCL Notes..and it is not what you think it is :-)

It is actually "Live Text"

They sell containers and a container has number.
Actually is a prefix + serial number + a check digit.
That last digit is used to calculate if the container number is valid

The customer gets a lot emails with container numbers in them.

Many years a go I set up a "Live Text" widget in HCL Notes to recognize container numbers (and variants of it).
The widget finds container numbers every where ... in emails, different kinds of Notes document and it creates links.

Like this:

The links points to one or more Notes databases.

So the user can click on the link and Notes does a lookup in a database having information regarding a containing or a sale of container.

They love it and are completely addicted to it.

"Live Text " is VERY powerful!

It is easy to implement too.

Basically its is: a few clicks to create the Widget .. define the pattern to recognize (regex), make the lookup views in your database, set the widget and your are done.
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HCL Notes on a Mac.. ONE letter makes it crash ..everytime

I have struggled for hours and hours with HCL Notes on several Macbooks.

It has been from V9 to now V12 .. it would install ...but crash as soon as password was entered.

After long conversations with HCL Support the reason for the crash seem to have been found.

A bug in the Mac version of Notes.... one letter makes Notes crash...ONE letter!.

If you run lots of agents and having used libraries in the client there will be memory leaks.....we all know that.

So the customer uses a policy to set a higher max heap space size in notes.ini.


And that helps a lot.....however...

there is a bug on the Mac version of Notes:

Setting this parameter crashes Notes immediately after entering a password.

Instead the Mac version needs to have the parameter as:


So many hours wasted ...for just one letter

Hopefully this bug will be fixed i V12.0.1
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