A hint to installing Notes V10 and a very strange security issue in Notes V10.

Today I had to do some installations of NotesV10 because af Shanghai offiec had gotten new PCs.

1) Notes Installation and an important step

Doing a Notes install is normally a "no brainer" and V10 is too. Install V10 and then FP3.

You start Notes and are then guided through a few forms for name, server name, ID file etc.

After Notes is running you can then shut it down.

To get users setup and configuration from old PC , you copy and replace 3 files in the new data directory: "names.nsf, desktop8.ndk, bookmark.nsf" (and maybe some other files like user.dic..)

This works great in V9, however I have seen this break Notes in V10 and you need to reinstall Notes again (after running NICE).

The trick to make it work it seems is to do a Windows reboot before copying the 3 files, it will then work perfectly.

2) Really strange security issue in V10

Today I saw a really strange security issue in connection with the Notes installations.

After a restart of Notes I had a superuser log in.

After the log in I tried to open a database, acces a server but all the time I would a dialogbox saying wrong password for accessing server etc.

And it could not replicate, same error. Really strange ..in 25 years I have never seen this error .

I logged out and had the superuser check if password was correct, it was not!

Using the correct password everything worked correctly again.

BUT how is it possible log in using a wrong password?? or rather accepting a wrong password and get into the eclipse client ...(but not able to access in databases)

There is a bug somewhere...

Posted on 12/30/2019 03:21:20 PM CET