Automatic "one time" deletion of Cache.ndk at start

I have had users with different (weird) issues since V11 and all that would fix it was a deletion of the cache file Cache.ndk.

Cache.ndk is great for performance and you do want to keep it around, however sometimes you just need to delete it to fix issues and let it rebuild again at a Notes restart

Normally that is not easy for a user to do, since you have to shutdown Notes Client, open Explorer, find it and delete it.

However there is an easier way out... a Notes.ini setting NotesClientDeleteCache=1

Put this in the users notes.ini file (policy) and next time Notes starts it will delete cache.ndk before it starts and
set NotesClientDeleteCache=0 in so it does not delete Cache.ndk again next time Notes is started

So you can have a button for users to click with the simple code of

Dim session As New NotesSession
Call session.SetEnvironmentVar( "NotesClientDeleteCache", "1",True )

There are thousands of forgotten, hidden and undocumented notes.ini settings.

You will have to cross the entire internet to find this one....but it is all worth it :-)

Posted on 06/01/2021 02:29:11 PM CEDT