Domino V12 can not run on Windows Server 2019 with Active Directory installed and weird deletions of Domino EXE files

I had a really bizarre experience with installing (as additional Domino server) and running Domino V12.0.1 on a Windows Server 2019 running Active Directory.

First I would repeatedly get this error "Entry not in index":

the first times I tried to install and the installation would stop.

This is of course a useless error message.

It seemed to be some access issue in the server document that was not correct.

After fixing this it would install but seems to skip many steps present in V11. Do not know if that intended

After installation, running the server for the first time, I would to my surprise get pop-up error message:
"Launching the Domino server on a Active Directory Domain controller is not allowed!"

and then when clicked OK, the server would start but give errors and in the end remove some of the Domino .exe files.

...really bizarre!

I would then have to reinstall Domino again since the .exe files were deleted. Starting the server ....every time ....the same would happen.

First I thought it was some Windows Policies that prevented Domino from running, but it was not

I found a HCL support document about a similar error in the pop-up box

The fix
Since nothing seem to change to matter what I did, I thought I would try installing V11 instead.

I am glad to say the V11 version started without any of the same issues.

So this is the fix for now.

I have not dared to upgrade to V12 afterwards to see what happens...feeling very tired...

Posted on 03/02/2022 12:26:21 PM CET