HCL Verse contacts integration on Samsung phones not working - a quick workaround

There has been a very annoying bug in HCL Verse on Samsung for a long time.

The integration from HCL Verse contacts to other apps on the phone breaks.

This meant that in recent calls, SMS etc only a phone number would be shown, and not the name of the contact.

A reinstall of HCL Verse would normally fix this for a while and then it would break again.

HCL blames Samsung for the issue, and the issue does not seem to get fixed.

I have found a quick workaround to fix the issue when it arises.

Go to Application settings in HCL Verse and then to the "People" section.

Unclick "Export Verse Contacts", and enable it again.

This will get Contacts integration working again (...until it breaks again)

Posted on 02/21/2023 10:15:05 AM CET