How to install the new XPages Extension Library with the Eclipse Update Site database (it is easy)

The new XPages Extension Library should be installed using the Eclipse Update Site database.

It is easy and this is how.

(The Domino server and the Domino Designer is version 8.5.3!)

The Server:
- Download the XPages Extension Library from openNTF
- Unzip it
- Unzip the file: ""
- On the server create the UpdateSite.nsf database from the Eclipse Update Site template.
- Change the ACL to whatever needed , I believe anonymous must have reader access.
- Open the database
- Click "Import Local Update Site"

Select the "site.xml" file from the unzipped updateSiteOpenNTF-designer file.

- You will need to edit the notes.ini file on the server.The easy way to do this is to open the webadmin.nsf admin database from a browser
- Goto the configuration tab, edit the notes.ini file

- Add the line above to the notes.ini file
- Save
- Restart the HTTP task

Server is done :-)

For multiple servers, just make replicas of the database, edit notes.ini and restart HTTP on each.

The Domino Designer
- Open the Domino Designer
- Goto File/Application/Install
- If you do not have the Install menu entry then
- Open File/Preferences goto the Domino Designer category and enable "Eclipse plug-in install"

- In the install dialog select "Search for new featues to install"

- Click next

- Click "Add Remote Location"
- Fill in with the URL for the UpdateSite database on the server.

-Click finish and restart the Domino Designer

You are done! :-)

(I told you it was easy)

Posted on 10/21/2011 12:32:00 PM CEDT