IBM Domino and DIIOP - not quit doing what it is supposed to.

I am using DIIOP to have remote session with a Domino server, because using Java agent just gave to many issues with some external libraries.

While DIIOP may not be the fastest way to work with data on a IBM Domino server, it usually does the job...well sort of..

I've just found out when using richtextitem.embedobject the name parameter of the file does not work, so the attachment gets this reeeeaaally long name ...including the file path.

Also I needed to create a text file on the server so why not use the Stream class? Unfortunately I got a lot of errors until I found out the Stream was actually not trying to write the file on the Domino server, but my local PC??

If I wanted to write to my local file system I would probably not use a REMOTE DIIOP session! ..capisce IBM?

Posted on 10/01/2017 11:15:55 PM CEDT