IBM Domino lessons learned from using the new FP8 feature of having the view index outside the NSF database (NDX)

At a customer today I wanted to implemented the new IBM Domino feature of having the view index outside the NSF.

First I upgraded to FP8 IF3, then I updated notes.ini from the configuration document with the new setting NIFNSFEnable=1 and restarted the server.

I then wanted to start carefully with one database only ...with something like "load compact -c -nifnsf on databasename.nsf".

Lesson 1)
Unfortunately I misspelled the database path and hit enter. To my surprise the Domino server did not just report back in the console that the database could not be found, ...instead is started compacting on ALL DATABASES!
Not quit what I expected or wanted .... but I let it continue
Lesson does not always act as expected ...act accordingly..get you spelling in order!

Lesson 2)
I kept an eye on the compacting and I noticed that one big database (GB) just barely got touched only creating a small NDX file and the compacting moved on.
I am a little unsure what to expect now. My guess that it created some kind of "stub", because the database most likely was in use it could not compact it.
So I hope that when DBMT starts compacting it will finish the job....but I am not sure, may need to run the ""load compact -c -nifnsf " again.
Lesson learned ... it is always "fun" when software stops in the middle of doing something ...what is going to happen next?

Lesson 3)
OK this one i primarily my fault,... I got the great idea ..why not open the NDX file in the Domino Designer and have a look around?
Lesson learned... don't do that... your server will come to a grinding halt...
You are probably not meant poke around in a NDX database ;-)

I am sure there is plenty more to be learned...

Posted on 05/30/2017 02:37:53 PM CEDT