Making "X-Forwarded-For" log feature IBM Domino FP8 actually work

In March I wrote about the new log feature in IBM Domino in connection with using a Reverse Proxy.

The issue is that you will always get the IP address of the Reverse Proxy in you HTTP log files and not the actual IP of the user.
This is what the HTTP header "X-Forwarded-For" is used for, however pre FP8 is was not supported on IBM Domino server.
In FP8 it is supported...but not documented.
Thanks to Vitor Pereira who (commented on my blog entry) created a PMR, we now have an answer how to get it working.
Add HTTP_LOG_ACCESS_XFORWARDED_FOR=1 to the servers notes.ini file, restart server and it works!
However if you using domlog.nsf for log data (which is fine for low traffic) you need to change the design to see the X-forwarded-for IP.
You would presume the item would be named something like "XForwardedFor", but no .. it is "ForwardedFor" ..or rather because it is misspelled it is "ForwaredFor" ;-)

Posted on 05/17/2017 12:42:36 PM CEDT