New IBM Domino Backup Solution at OpenNTF: DomBackup

At a customer of mine we have a Domino backup solution built upon the OpenNTF kNBackup open source solution.

It has been working great for years, but we will be upgrading the servers to 64 bit Domino soon, so we had a bit of an issue since kNBackup only runs as 32 bit.

So I got my customer to sponsor development of a 64 bit solution from the 32 bit version.
We ended up with Ulrich Krause doing the job ...and he did a great job! :- )
We found a few bugs on the way and Ulrich quickly ironed them out.

It runs great and fast on both 64 bit Linux and Windows now.

My customer fully supports Open Source solutions so go and grab the new 64 version (and 32 bit) at the new project Ulrich Krause has created at OpenNTF


Posted on 07/06/2015 12:36:27 PM CEDT