That dreaded Workspace that never got fixed

The Workspace in Notes has always been the center of (Lotus/IBM/HCL) Notes.

Always been the good and the evil.

Many attempts have been tried to fix it, remove it completely or ignore it.

Still ...not much have changed

What is really needed to make the Workspace work is not another cosmetic overhaul, but to fix what is not working.

Much organizations that use Notes have MANY database which quickly makes the Workspace a complete mess.

You can not find database easily

What is needed is the ability to sort by server (server, by categories on DB properties, most used, ...),.. maybe to group databases together within a tab

Really just to be able organize the database in a smart way.

And of course you need to program the Workspace, the Tabs, where databases goes etc.

But in V12 to make things round and different colors does not change anything

Remember the saying ..."If you put lipstick on a is still a pig" ... ;-)

Some examples of the many Workspace attempts

(The first one I like best)

Posted on 02/21/2021 01:12:28 PM CET