The extremely slow categorized views has been fixed in IBM Domino 9.0.1. Here is how to.

I have in former post on my blog, I have written about viewpanels in XPages in IBM Domino being very very slow.

Have a look at

Philippe Riand some time ago wrote to me that a fix would be available in 8.5.4 aka 9.0, but a apparently the fix did not make in time.
But in 9.0.1 there is a fix for the issue :-)

You can in the "What’s new for Developers in IBM Domino & Domino Designer 9.0.1" Webinar (must see) see how too use the new navigator way .
No wait ...I'll show you.

Go to and add the setting:



(the old way is xsp.domino.view.navigator=ByPosition)

I have just tested the old troublesome database.
The old way still very very slow, but changing to the new way of getting data by NoteId now works and it is really fast ! :-)

Posted on 11/11/2013 12:17:39 PM CET