The very important missing piece in the IBM Domino NSF database

There is a lot of good stuff implemented in the IBM Domino database and it is very stabile.

There is though a very very important piece missing.

There are so many ways to create and save documents in IBM Domino today, from a form, an agent, via DIIOP, via REST, from an XPage ... you name it!
If you don't have the gatekeeper watching at the document level it is impossible to audit and control what is going on.

IBM ..Please add events/hooks for when a document is saved, opened etc.

The NSF has some LS hooks/events (Database Script) for deletion of documents (and some other bizarre ones), so I would presume it would possible to add hooks/events for the rest too without to much effort.

This has a very high priority!

OrientDB is in some ways (and in others not) a more modern version of the Domino NSF.

It has 2 types of hooks (Dynamic and Java hooks)

"onBeforeCreate, called before creating a new document
onAfterCreate, called after creating a new document
onBeforeRead, called before reading a document
onAfterRead, called after reading a document
onBeforeUpdate, called before updating a document
onAfterUpdate, called after updating a document
onBeforeDelete, called before deleting a document
onAfterDelete, called after deleting a document "

Posted on 06/02/2015 09:40:23 PM CEDT