Verse contacts farce continues...Contacts not working on Samsung phone, again and again and again..

On my Samsung phone I can AGAIN not see who calls me because the contacts in Verse are not shared with the other apps on the phone. The has happened again again and again over the last half year.

I can not see who calls me! ...I can just see the phone number. This is not the nineties! Same with Signal etc.

It is a farce. HCL blames Samsung for some security changes so the Verse contacts stops working. I thought it was finally fixed a month ago, but then with the new Samsung update it is back to not working again

HCL is very large company and one would think they would have some power to get access to beta versions of what Samsung releases BEFORE they are actually release the final version...and everything stops working

Apparently not..

Posted on 01/31/2022 12:18:49 PM CET