Watch out ...Intel Atom C processors will completetly die due to a flaw in processor

If you have a NAS, a router (like Cisco), a firewall or a less capable PC with a Intel Atom C processor you might be heading for trouble.

Due to a "clock flaw" in the Intel Atom C2000 processors they are "likely to fail at an accelerated rate after 18 months of operation" states

Fail as in "completely die" and not boot again ...ever

The specific SKUs are:
C2308, C2338, C2350, C2358, C2508, C2518, C2530, C2538, C2550, C2558, C2718, C2730, C2738, C2750, and C2758 (stepping B0)

Intel is silent.

Have a look here

Posted on 02/10/2017 04:37:45 PM CET