Watch out when upgrading Domino V11.0.1 to FP1

Normally my Domino upgrades runs smoothly on Linux (Centos) but the last upgrade to FP1 was strange.

I shutdown the Domino server, did the upgrade and everything seem to go well

However after starting the Domino server again, it would show up as still running version V11.0.1.
The same happened to another Domino on Linux server I upgraded.

I reported the issue to HCL,and got an answer back. Apparently some strings resource files was not updated during the upgrade.

The fix was:
- Shut down Domino
- Uninstall FP1
- Restart OS without Domino service starting after restart
- Do the FP1 upgrade again
- Enable service again and start Domino

This is actually how I have always done it on Windows, but it was not needed on Linux before.

In the future this is how I will do it on all platforms :-)

Posted on 09/10/2020 01:00:48 PM CEDT