What users say is the most important and loved feature in HCL Notes..(it is not what you think)

At a customer the users have a special love for a feature in HCL Notes..and it is not what you think it is :-)

It is actually "Live Text"

They sell containers and a container has number.
Actually is a prefix + serial number + a check digit.
That last digit is used to calculate if the container number is valid

The customer gets a lot emails with container numbers in them.

Many years a go I set up a "Live Text" widget in HCL Notes to recognize container numbers (and variants of it).
The widget finds container numbers every where ... in emails, different kinds of Notes document and it creates links.

Like this:

The links points to one or more Notes databases.

So the user can click on the link and Notes does a lookup in a database having information regarding a containing or a sale of container.

They love it and are completely addicted to it.

"Live Text " is VERY powerful!

It is easy to implement too.

Basically its is: a few clicks to create the Widget .. define the pattern to recognize (regex), make the lookup views in your database, set the widget and your are done.

Posted on 09/16/2021 12:48:55 PM CEDT